“Loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will”

So I know you’ve not written a blog for a while so I thought it would be nice (now your hands don’t work) to write/type one for you! I’m not sure I can do justice to your own writing style but I’ve always fancied myself as a creative writer so I’ll give it a go, as its Valentines Day.

For those that don’t know me, I’m David, Rachels Husband of 3 years and partner of 8 LONG years so I’m well qualified to know the ins and outs of Rachs’ brain and how she formulates her blog experience for the readers (lots of swearing and poo).

As with our life in recent times, the last few weeks have been quite challenging as Indie has been off school with an array of ailments and managing looking after her and keeping her off Youtube and entertained throughout the day has been difficult to say the least (thanks Nana and Grandad for the help). Rach has continued her chemo tablets which fingers crossed continues to do the job of holding off the growths scattered around her minefield of a body but the side effects continue to pose other problems which make getting through the day (and night) very tough. 

That’s the main reason for me writing the blog really (alongside Valentines Day and saving money on a gift), just to let Rach and the world know how incredibly strong and brave she is and that despite everything her body/copious amounts of tablets restricting what she can and cant do as an individual, she continues to be the best version of herself for Indie and make sure that whatever she is feeling, Indie always gets the best love, care and attention throughout the day. 

Now for anyone out there that has met Indie, this is no mean feat (its your fault as everyone says she’s just like you were as a child, no idea how Bev and Phil coped) as she continues to whirlwind her way through school, dance, gymnastics and hopefully one kind of other sport daddy can do with her (I’m not the most dainty or acrobatic these days) in the future. 

For me the most telling aspect in all this shitstorm that cancer life is, is Indie and her ATTITUDE towards everything, even though it’s at 100mph and often involves plenty of speedbumps. it’s always with a smile on her face and an energy that lights up the room. That’s testament to Rach and the lengths she has gone to protect Indie from Cancer life and try to give her as “normal” a childhood as possible whilst also trying to be as transparent with her as we can given she’s a clued up 5 (going on 15) year old.

Finally, to Rach, I’m not sure either of us envisaged what was to come all the way back in 2016 and although we may have wished/hoped for a different path, you are the only person I would want to walk it with.

Lots of Love,

David x 

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