The Mean Machine

Recently, was the first of many. I started my 2 month affair with ‘the mean machine’, also known as ‘the hyperbaric oxygen chamber’, but ‘the mean machine’ sounds so much cooler.

This beast is best known for healing your body from the inside out. Trapping yourself inside with  breathing in 100% oxygen has some ‘mystifying’ powers where it can heal your body. I mean I absolutely know it won’t relieve me of the shitty C but I have every faith it may help with some pain relief or help heal my chemo feet.

As alot already know, but I will update, I am currently on a treatment break. Although this wonderful tablet is doing its job, it’s creating the worst side effects such as giant ulcers on my feet which are affecting my quality of life. They are so painful I find it hard to explain… but hopefully the ‘mean machine’ gets cracking and contributes to my healing so the quicker I can get back on treatment.

‘’ Bob Carter: Just goes to show, Bob: lightning can strike twice.

Bob Likely: Absofuckinglutely, Bob!’’

Rach x

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