Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments…

December 2020, the month/year I got diagnosed. I felt like god had drawn up the paperwork, signed it in black fountain pen and handed me my death sentence, all whilst I was attempting to cook a giant bloody gammon, beef joint & extras for the fam for an Xmas Eve shindig all in an oven built for the size of actual borrowers. Don’t worry Mr C stepped up and bossed the food whilst I wallowed in my own self pity pondering how many months/days I had left and all those milestones I could miss out on. Let’s just say it was a shit stain of a few days.

September 2023, our Indie starts SCHOOL.. no matter how many times you say it or write it down, it still just doesn’t quite seem real that my 6lb1oz teeny little Indie Windy has started this chapter in her life. My god, she’s ready. Fiercely independent, super strong willed, soft & caring with an infectious laugh and smile; I could go on singing her praises but I wouldn’t be doing all the parents out there justice if I didn’t also say FUCK it’s been a long 6 weeks and yes she’s been a massive shit at times, get her in routine now and away from me for a few hours haha, no but I know my little munchkin will shine like the superstar she is ⭐️.

The reason for these two little paragraphs 3 YEARS apart, is that every single time I cried to someone regarding my diagnosis at the beginning and trust me that was a lot haha.. I would horrendously weep ‘…but I might not get a chance to see Indie go to school’. This was constantly at the forefront of my mind. The only milestone/goal/chapter or whatever you want to call it, I wanted to reach. I HAD to be ther at those school gates.

5th September 2023, I got Indie dressed for her first day of reception and WALKED (very wobbly with a crutch, but nevertheless I walked) her to her classroom and watched her run in with a beaming smile ready to show the world just how amazing she is.

Milestone achieved

Does this make me cack my knicks as to what I look for now or what chapter in my life do I aim to reach? Yes. Yes it does, and to be honest I don’t have a bloody clue right now, but I do know is that I’m so fucking grateful that someone up there allowed me to experience that moment that I will cherish for the rest of my life, however long that may be. Thank you universe for getting me to this point and blessing me with another sunrise.

LOL imagine if I just snuffed it now, universe is like ‘you’ve reached ya thing now, so you can fuck off’… ha at-least I make myself laugh.Laters, from the new cool school mom xox

This blog is dedicated to my dear Sarcoma buddy Kyle, who sadly passed this week. Shine bright, your boys will be proud.✨👼🏼🪽

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