Oh how to be so blissfully unaware…

Right, a little health update about, to put it frankly, my royally shit cancer journey…

2 and a half years in, countless biopsies, over 100 blood tests, 40+ radiotherapy sessions, 3 rounds of immunotherapy, 2 different chemotherapies equating to 50+ hours of 3 toxic drugs, plenty of unconventional therapies, SHIT LOADS of pain meds/antidepressants/IV drips/antibiotics, laxatives & most likely more but I have terrible ‘chemo brain’… AND my body has officially started to show signs that it fucking hates me! And not just a little hatred but one where you want to shove a shit stick in someone’s eye 🙃👀

Very very quickly within the last 2 weeks, my body has deteriorated. In my oncologists words, my latest round of chemo has ‘poisoned my nerves’…hence why this has actually taken me near to 2 hours to type, as the nerves in my hands are on protest, so I hope you appreciate it, ya pricks haha… so I can’t do much without either dropping it, spilling it etc so you can imagine my frustration as I hate the lack of independence!

I’m also really struggling to walk unaided… whether its the cramp in my stomach from the 30 + days of stored shit in my bowels, yes massively we’re still on the constipation train! Or it’s the compromised nerves in my spine making me a wobbly bobbly, but I’m having to either walk with a crutch or with help from a wonderful family member… my husband even had to help me put me knickers on (along with genuinely becoming my carer), got him a bit excited until I reminded him of my temporary lack of feeling… would be like having sex with a doll 😅😏 dirty lad.

My whole body just feels ready for a well deserved rest and break to hopefully gain back the use of all my nerves, once this horrendously shit chemo has exited my body

(that’s what my docs hoping will happen and Jesus Christ so am I🤞🏻)

Indie is just so blissfully unaware of everything… she just genuinely thinks she has the clumsiest mummy in the entire world. She laughs at my incompetency. Oh the innocence. She’s like a little breath of fresh air which is greatly welcomed.

BUT…. Here comes the set up of our charity, The Rachel Coram Foundation. We have been setting this up for awhile, however, been a bit lazy with it, but I think again has come the time where we need to do lots of fundraising and awareness spreading as it’s likely I will need some kind of overseas treatment or a self funded treatment. So hit up our Facebook page and I will be making an Insta page next week for updates on events etc.

But we move on, however, if David mentions a stair lift one more time, then he’ll bloody need one!

Rach x

2 thoughts on “Oh how to be so blissfully unaware…”

  1. I work with a lot of professors, but you are more of an inspiration than all of them put together. Thank you.

  2. Such a fabulous read showing the real ups and downs and more downs of someone living with cancer. Good luck with your charity and ongoing recovery x


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