Once, twice, three times a lady.

Good morning Britain,

It is 8.35 on a Thursday morning and I’ve already cried once, changed my clothes twice, Attempted breakfast with a four-year-old, had a spelling lesson, played teachers, had an argument about tights, put a horse decoration back on the Xmas tree several times…

OH and shit myself THREE times. (Not even exaggerating)

On the other hand, things are pretty breezy here at the moment, in terms of cancer land. I am on a trial drug which is nicely funded by the drugs company. Not too many nasty side effects.. the usual sore mouth, cracked feet, headache… nothing my body can now not handle.. & so far keeping things pretty stable (bar the extra disability of having to use a wheelchair, but we’ll get to that bridge another time)

However, I have a new doctor in charge of my pain medication (she’s a miracle worker), she flipped it all up and my six months of constipation came out in one toilet trip (thanks David for sorting that one out, that’s all I’ll say on the matter hahahah 🤫🫠), and little bits got ironed out. Furthering on the shit talk though, I can only assume the change up has caused an overflow that keeps coming, and coming in my pants (& I don’t mean the good kind ha). Cancer life just seems to be the gift that keeps on giving…

I also don’t remember the reasoning behind telling you all this… I think it was to do with the initial Convo about the trial chemo. However we love a blog about my shit don’t we.

I have no scans now until after Xmas, so If I can keep my brain/thoughts on track then I can hopefully get

into the Christmas spirit and have a good one..

AND i truly hope you all do too.

Feliz Navidad.


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